Flexo printing press collection

A flexo printing press uses a flexo plate to transfer the ink from the anilox roll to the substrate. For food packaging flexographic printing is widely used. The first flexo printing press is from 1890 but flexographic printing has constantly developed. The CI drum allowed  better tension control and gearless flexo printing presses made a job change much quicker. Advantages of flexo printing are high speed, wide variety of substrates to be printed on, relatively low setup times. A disadvantage is that flexo plates are relatively expensive. Today flexo printing is the most common printing technique. 

Used flexo printing presses

Our flexo printing press collection has a wide variety to choose from. You can filter the flexo printing presses on technology such as gearless, printing width, number of colours and manufacturing year. For a quotation press the button or send us an e-mail. Also if you have a flexo printing press for sale please contact us.