F&K 26S gearless flexographic printer

Reference: F24005
Machine manufacturer F&K
Model 26S
Year 2004
Cl or Stack Cl
Geared or Gearless Gearless
Type of inks Solventbased
Number of colours 8+ 2 colour downstream flexo unit
Max. web width 1300 mm
Max. printing width 1250 mm
Min. - Max. printing repeat 400 - 1350 mm
Max. mechanical speed 460 m/min
Materials Plastics and laminates from 10 – 120 µ
Papers up to approx. 100 g/m2
Unwind type Automatic turret
Unwind shafted/shaftless Shaftless
Max. unwind reel diameter 1000 mm
Rewind type Automatic turret
Rewind shafted/shaftless Shaftless
Max. rewind reel diameter 1000 mm
Drying type Gas
Video camera Yes
Auto clean Yes
Viscosity control Yes
Turningcross Yes, before downstream units for backside printing
Number of aniloxes 10
1 x 10.0cm3/m2 -250lpi
3 x 8.0cm3/m2 – 350lpi
1 x 6.0cm3/m2 – 550lpi
3 x 4.2cm3/m2 – 750lpi
2 x 3.6cm3/m2 – 1207lpi
Number of intermediates 69
380mm – 3
480mm – 10
580mm – 10
680mm – 7
780mm – 10
880mm – 9
980mm – 10
1180mm 10
Number of sleeves 21
6 x 1190mm
7 x 1240mm
3 x 1300mm
5 X 1340mm
Subject to unsold. Although believed to be correct, the machine specifications and lists supplied are based solely upon those provided by the original owners.

This machine is an unique opportunity. This flexographic printer produced by German manufacturer Fischer & Krecke (today Bobst) is unique because of a number of features. First of all it has a maximum printing length of 1350mm which is one of the biggest ever on CI flexo presses. What makes this machine even more unique is that it is equipped with a 2 colour downstream flexo unit. This unit can (amongst other things) be used for backside printing. This machine can run up to 460 m/min. 

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