Dupont Cyrel 3000 E-TL exposure unit

Reference: P22002
Machine manufacturer DuPOnt
Model Cyrel 3000 E-TL
Year 2003
Type of unit Exposure unit
Specifications Maximum plate size: 1320 x 2032 mm
Other information The parallel lift of the upper exposure unit makes it possible that the machine is easily accessible from all 4 sides for manual negative adjustment and cleaning.

This exposure unit has a programming unit that allows up to 24 different exposure programs to be set up.

A vacuum unit is installed for manual exposure. The punch for the pin bar, for the following washing process,is also integrated in the machine.

The lamps were exchanged last year and were rarely used since then due to a new acquisition.

Current UV output of the lower lamps is 12 - 13 mW, the output of the upper lamps is currently 16 - 17 mW.

In good used condition and ready for immediate use.
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Subject to unsold. Although believed to be correct, the machine specifications and lists supplied are based solely upon those provided by the original owners.

This DuPont exposure unit is designed for relative big plate sizes of 1320 x 2032 mm. Top lift design for easy access on all four sides. Buildling year is 2003 and in good condition. The lamps were exchanged last year. 

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