Inelme l-LAC anilox laser cleaner

Reference: A23010
Machine manufacturer Inelme
Model l-LAC F60-15
Year 2019
Type of cleaning Laser cleaning
Max. cleaning length 1500 mm
Subject to unsold. Although believed to be correct, the machine specifications and lists supplied are based solely upon those provided by the original owners.

Cleaning anilox cylinders has consistently ranked as a major concern for flexo printers. Inadequately cleaned cylinders can diminish their ink transfer capacity, leading to a loss of color intensity during the printing process. This, in turn, can result in various production issues, such as defective prints and extended setup times.

The Inelme I-LAC system effectively addresses this challenge by employing a laser that thoroughly eliminates dried ink from within the cylinder cells, all without causing damage to these cells. An optical laser, specially engineered for this purpose, vaporizes any residual substances and rids the cylinder of dried ink, adhesives, waxes, silicones, and similar materials. The utilization of laser technology enables cleaning without subjecting the anilox cylinder to any mechanical or thermal stress, making it possible to clean the cylinder after each use and significantly prolong its operational lifespan.

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