Rotogravure printing

Each printing unit of a rotogravure printing press consist of a gravure cylinder, ink fountain, doctor blade assembly, impression roller and a dryer.The rotogravure press uses a printmaking technique in which the image is incised onto an image carrier, meaning that small holes are being made into the cylinder which represent the print image. All the small holes in the gravure cylinder get filled with ink and directly transfer it onto the printing substrate which is sandwiched between the impression roller and the gravure cylinder. The impression roller applies force to ensure that the substrate is in contact with the gravure cylinder so it is completely and fully covered with ink. The substrate, inked with one colour, goes through a dryer to make sure the substrate is completely dry, ready to apply the next colour. A rotogravure press has one printing unit for each colour.

The rotogravure printing press can reach a very high printing speed and delivers a constant print quality. 

Used rotogravure printing press for sale

Galred offers used rotogravure printing presses for sale having widths of a wide range from 760 up to 1720 mm. Colours varie from 6 up tp 10, and thermic oil, gas or electric are the drying types.