Omiatex solvent recovery plant

Reference: O24009
Machine manufacturer Omiatex
Year 2008
Type of technology Activated carbon
Capacity 4500Nm3/h
Recent investments 2017: Main condenser replaced
2018: All valves replaced
Including Machine consists of following parts

N.01 Solvent laden air cooler;
N.01 Solvent laden air blower;
N.03 vertical activated carbon adsorbers;
N.01 Cooler;
N.01 Condenser;
N.01 Toluene tank 0,5 m3;
N.01 Electropneumatic power/control panel;
N.01 Cooling water system;
N.08Butterfly valves inlet / air outlet;
N.06 Ball valves steam / condensate;
Special characteristics Under maintenance by professional company who can install the machine worldwide
Subject to unsold. Although believed to be correct, the machine specifications and lists supplied are based solely upon those provided by the original owners.

The solvent recovery plant "recovers" the solvent that is then reused in the process, while RTO "burns". In the recovery plant, the air coming from production and containing the VOCs is sent to activated carbon tanks. The activated carbons adsorb the solvents and are then regenerated with hot steam that desorbes the solvents from the carbon "dragging" the solvents with it. The mixture of solvents and steam/condensate outleaving the activated carbon tank is condensed in the process condenser by using cooling water. The condensed mixture reaches a decantation tank from which the solvent is extracted and returned to production. The solvent recovery plant is suitable for treating the air flow polluted by VOCs, coming from rotogravure printing, flexoographic printing, coating process etc.. Many of these plants (steam regeneration) have been sold in the adhesive tape manufacturing industry. Particularly suitable for the recovery of solvents poorly soluble in water (Toluene, Hexane etc.), currently the plant was used for the recovery of Toluene used in a particular coating process.


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