Exclusive sales

Selling a machine exclusively means we sell your machine for a fixed percentage of the selling price.
This has several adventages for you as a seller compared to individual sales.

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Publication of your machine on our website.
Our website is visited over 300.000 times a year. Statistics show people from all over the world
come to our website in search of used machinery.

Every two weeks over 12.000 people in the flexible packaging industry get our newsletter.
In this newsletter we publicate the latest machines. This generates a lot of attention for
your machine which increase the chance of selling.

Direct negociations
You are free to negociate directly with potential buyers if you want. This results in a
very transparent sellingprocess. Transparency leads to more reliable selling results. Potential
buyers can contact you without intervention. Ofcourse it is also possible for Galred to do the
negociations for you. The publication of your companyname is a possibility but not required.

More profit
As we are selling for a fixed percentage of the selling price, we will try to get the highest
amount for the machine as this is in our mutual interest. Normally a middleman tries to
buy as cheap as possible to maximize his profit. In order to increase our profit by selling
exclusively we will aim for the highest proceeds for both parties.

Quick results
Machines sell quicker when we sell them exclusively. When we are the only dealer offering
the machine, the machine will be more unique. Buyers are willing to make quick decisions
and to pay more. We aim for fast and quick worldwide publicity. Used machines are unique
products, the momentum is everything.



In coorperation with BVA Auctions we organise online auctions. This is a unique way to sell used equipment.

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Usually these auctions are due to bankruptcy. But ofcourse it is also possible to create an auction for running companies. A benefit of auctioning is that you can sell several machines at the same time. This option is often used by groups with multiple factories.  All the machines beloning to the group, but situated at different factories, can be sold at once.

BVA Auctions is Europe’s biggest online auction house. Clients of BVA Auctions are banks, lease corporations and notaries. Up untill now BVA Auctions has auctioned off more than a billion allotments.
Together BVA Auctions and Galred reach over 420.000 potential buyers.

Past Auctions:

Bakker & Molenaar
BAKKERBakker & Molenaar was a producer of several types of bags from Westzaan in The Netherlands. Due to bankruptcy of the company we auctioned off the complete factory. Several W&H bagmaking machines with inline printers and slitters were sold during the online auction.

TREOFAN VEILINGDue to new investments of Treofan (BOPP producer from Germany) we organised an auction to sell their complete Brückner BOPP line and a Kampf slitter rewinder  from their Belgium plant.


BURGERS VEILINGThe entire machinepark of Burgers Flexoprint was auctioned, commissioned by several banks. Burgers Flexoprint was a converting company from The Netherlands. Six flexo printing presses, five extruders, three slitter-rewinders and two lamination machines were traded during this auction.

STORMARNThe complete inventory of Storman Plastic Packaging from Germany was sold via an online auction. We managed to sell seven extruders, seven bag making machines, a printing press and even the complete office furniture.

NINOVEAfter the production stopped of the Euro-M company (formaly known as Ninove) the owners asked us to auction the complete machiney park. Three rotogravure printing presses, three flexo printing pressen, two laminators, ten slitter-rewinders and the complete laboratory were sold during this auction.

buy out

Buy out

In need of a quick solution?

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We can buy and take away your equipment immediately so you do not have to worry about it. Please note we cannot offer market value for the equipment.  We will bear the costs of removing and transporting the equipment  without knowing if we can resell the machine. 


Individual sales

We can always sell your equipment directly. 

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We make use of different marketing techniques to offer your products for sale.  Our continuous dealings in a niche market ensure we are always on top of the latest developments. We are glad to discuss possible sale strategies.


Consignment & storage

Consigning your machine is a lucrative solution for those who need space in their factory but haven’t sold their machine yet.

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Your machine will be stalled in our storage. For the sales process it is better to install your machine, as a working machine is easier to sell. We can give you a specified offer if you are interested in such a solution. You can make full use of your factory space, while you also selling your machine.