Online auctions

Online auctions are a unique way to sell used equipment. We work closely with renowned online auction houses specialized in equipment. This way, we organize customized online auctions to multiple machines. We will make sure that your assets get the best price. We reach buyers from all over the world. Often, this results in higher profits than the client had in mind.

Usually, machines are sold in an auction when a company is bankrupt. But it is also possible to create an auction for companies and factories still running. A benefit of auctioning used equipment is that you can sell several machines simultaneously. This option is often used by groups with multiple factories. Machines belonging to one company group, but at different factories, can be sold at once.

Five benefits and value of selling machines at an auction:

1. Quick process and turnaround

An auction is prompt. It happens during a fixed time that works best for you. Within this time, the auction happens, so you know when it is over. It is quick, easy, and efficient. 

2. No endless negotiations

People who bid on an auction are committed and have agreed to the sale conditions. You need not compromise and spend many hours on negotiations, arguments, and bargains.  

3. Higher profit by competitive bidding

During auctions, buyers get in the flow of competitiveness. When somebody has set their eyes on a machine, they want to have it. Often, this drives the price higher. This brings in a reasonable value, if not more! 

4. Comprehensive Marketing

Using Galred's extensive network in the industry combined with the outreach of the auction houses generates a lot of attention. We will run advertisements, distribute flyers and use all the specialized marketing channels. This brings more people to the auction. 

5. It is always a good time to auction, in good and bad economic times

People love sales. So also, when the economy is bad, people still come to auctions. It is a steady force.

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