Exclusive Basis

Selling a machine on an exclusive basis means we sell your machine for a fixed percentage of the selling price. This has several advantages for you as a seller compared to individual sales. 

Direct negotiations 

You may negotiate directly with potential buyers. This results in a very transparent selling process. Transparency leads to more reliable selling results. Potential buyers can contact you with no intervention. It is also possible that Galred negotiates with potential buyers; it is up to your preference. The publication of your company name is a possibility but not required.

More profit and quick results

As we are selling for a fixed percentage of the selling price, we will try to get the highest amount for the machine as this is in our mutual interest. Normally a middleman tries to buy as cheap as possible to maximize his profit. To increase our profit by selling exclusively, we will aim for the highest proceeds for both parties. Machines sell quicker when we sell them exclusively. When we are the only dealer offering the machine, buyers must make quicker decisions. Used machines are unique products; the momentum is everything.

Publication on our website and newsletter

Every two weeks, over 12.000 people in the flexible packaging industry receive a summary of our machines. This generates a lot of attention for your machine, which increases the chance of selling. Our website is visited over 300.000 times a year. Statistics show people worldwide use our website when looking to buy used flexo and converting machinery. 

Offer us your machine

Do you want to know what you can get for your machine and the best sales strategy? Send us an email with an up-to-date video and/or pictures of the machine and the machine specifications like building year, brand, width, amount of colors, etc., and we will reply to you with an estimation of the sales price and our vision on the sales process.