Kroenert/BMB PvdC/Acrylic coating line

Reference: L22001
Machine manufacturer Kroenert/BMB
Year 2012, only 7000 production hours!
Type of coating Primer + PVdC/acrylic adhesive (double sided)
Max. web width 1300 mm
Min-Max coating width 700 - 1300 mm
Max. mechanical speed 300 m/min
Materials BOPP 10 – 80 µ
PET 6 – 60 µ
Paper 20 – 150 g/m2
PVC hard (blister) 20 – 300 µ (must be tested)
Alu foil soft 7 – 80 µ
Unwind type Automatic turret
Unwind shafted/shaftless Shafted
Max. unwind reel diameter 1000 mm
Rewind type Automatic turret
Rewind shafted/shaftless Shafted
Max. rewind reel diameter 1000 mm
Drying type Electric
1 x 5 meter dryer(for primer)
1 x 10 meter dryer (for PVdc/Acrylic coating)
Web guide(s) Yes, BST
Corona treater Yes, AFS
Other information This machine has four coating stations which both can coat together two layers of coating on each side of the web

Station 1: For primer
Type: Reco 800
Coat weight 0,5 – 1 g/m2

Station 2: For primer
Type: Typ T
Coat weight 0,5 – 1 g/m2

Station 3: For PVdC/Acryclic adhesive
Type: Reco 800A
Both coating materials have their own Reco 800A trolley which can be changed in the machine.

Coat weight 3 – 8 g/m2

Acrylic adhesive
Coat weight 1 – 3 g/m2

Station 4: For acrylic adhesive
Type: Type T
Coat weight: 1 - 3 g/m²
Available from Now
Machine can be seen in production Yes
Location Europe
Subject to unsold. Although believed to be correct, the machine specifications and lists supplied are based solely upon those provided by the original owners.

This Kroenert line of for functional coating of packaging materials and films based on PVdC and acrylates. It is equipped with two coating stations for a primer and secondary coating layer. It has two electric dryers (5 and 10 meter), With turret winders, corona treater and a very low number of production hours (only 7000) it is a complete and almost new line. 

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