Marketing campaigns

Campaigns, both online or offline, are very helpful when selling a machine. Also when looking for a new employee, new ink supplier or granulate factory using our marketing channels are very effective. Due to our extended network of contacts in the flexible packaging market, we can target the right audience with a marketing campaign to increase the chance of successfully selling a used machine or finding the right partner. Look at the sell your used machine page for the different possibilities of selling pre-owned equipment, or contact us directly to get personal information about the different possibilities.

The Galred website: 12.500 unique visitors per year

Are you looking for a marketing channel to sell your used machine? Our online platform with used machines attracts over 12.500 unique visitors per year! Listing your machine on the platform increases your chances of selling your used machine.

The Galred machine update mailing

Every two weeks, we send out an email with the most recent machines we have for sale. Thousands of production houses worldwide receive this mailing. It is an easy and very effective way to obtain attention for your used machine. When selling a machine on an exclusive basis, your machine will always be listed in our newsletter.  It is also possible to mention a used machine in our newsletter when you are not selling on an exclusive basis. To know more, get in touch to discuss the options. 

Quick numbers:

12.500 unique website visitors in 2020

17.500 total website visitors and 32.000 page views in 2020

Over 15.000 contacts in our database of which over 6000 production houses worldwide in our market

Over 1000 machines sold

25 organized auctions