Lemo wicket bagmaking machine for knotted drawstring bags

Machine Lemo wicket bagmaking machine for knotted drawstring bags
Reference number B21014
Machine manufacturer Lemo
Model Intermat
Type of bag Wicket
Bottom or side seal Side seal
Year 2013
Max. seal width 600 mm
Min. – Max. bag width 120 - 300 mm
Min. – Max bag length 200 - 450 mm
Max. number of lanes 1
Max. mechanical speed 65 m/min
Max. number of cycles 200 cycles/minute
Max. unwind width 600 mm
Max. unwind reel diameter 800 mm
Type of take off / rewind Wicket
Servo Yes
Edge guide(s) Yes
Photocell Yes
Including Pneumatic dual hole punch for wicket hole punching (14 mm)

Additional dual hole punch in the flap area ( 14 mm)

Addtional dual hole punch in the flap area (8 mm)

Glow band longitudinal sealing unit (LS-GL 850)

Draw string feeding system

Longtitundianl sealing unit to seal draw string tunnel (SIGS 600)

System for draw string bags (double knotter Lemo principle)
Special characteristics For hygiene bags such as cotton pads (see picture)
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For Lemo, everything revolves around the topic of film packaging. The family owned company LEMO Maschinenbau GmbH is the world’s leading manufacturer of film sealing machines and machines for processing flexible films and composites with over 6,800 machines delivered in over 70 countries and almost 70 years of experience. The Intermat line is one of the best known sealing machine in the world.

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