Used Lemo machines

Galred has several used Lemo machines on offer. Browse the list below for the currently available machines. Are you considering selling your own used Lemo machine? Contact us so we can talk about the possibilities. 

About Lemo

Lemo is one of the world's leading manufacturers of machinery to produce all types of plastic bags for the flexible film packaging industry. The company was founded in 1949 in Germany and is based in Niederkassel-Mondorf. Over 60 years of experience and over 6000 machines delivered and successfully installed worldwide, some for over 25 years. The versatile machine range can produce plastic bags such as boutique bags with loops or patch tape, automatic packaging bags, trash bags with or without auto-closing, courier bags, and T-shirt or bottom weld bags.

Lemo has four product lines: Intermat is a high-speed line for film processing, Rollomat a high-speed machine line for film bags on the roll, Capmat a high-performance film sealing line for industry and commerce, and Addmat, a  machine line for optimizing the entire production process.

All those lines offer reliable machines to secure a trouble-less production process of all kinds of plastic bags. The newest development is to manufacture "custom made" machines for bags, completely responding to customers' special demands. Another strong selling point is their fast, committed, and on-the-spot spare part service to their customers.