Used Totani machines

Galred has several used Totani pouch-making machines for sale. In the list below, you find our current offers. Are you considering selling your used Totani machine? We can be of assistance.

About Totani

The Japanese company Totani is one of the world's leading pouch and bag-making machine manufacturers. It was established in 1961 and now has around 422 employees worldwide, working in the Headoffice in Japan with 57 plants and sales offices in America, Europa, and Asia. They have a wide product range of 19 packaging machines that can produce heat-resistant, airtight sealed pouches in various shapes at high speed, used in a wide range of product categories such as food packing bags and pouches commodities, pet food bags and infusion bags for the medical field.

Strong selling points of the Totani Pouch bag-making machines are the strong airtight sealing, the professional appearance with a neat corner cut and the high-speed pouch production accurately and stably. During the years, Totani developed and innovated their pouch-making machines. Now the newest Totani pouch-making machines are equipped with a Data Communication System allowing the customer to analyze the operating data, execute product and quality control and overview the production process providing accurate management information to make the right decisions.