Used Holweg machines

Galred has several Holweg machines for sale, such as paper bag-making machines. All used Holweg machines for sale by Galred you can find listed below or in our used machine section. Are you interested in selling your used bag-making machines? Please let us know if so we can assist you on this matter and find the most profitable solution for the sales of your machine. 

About Holweg

Holweg is a French manufacturing company founded 125 years ago by Charles Holweg. He started the company in 1889, and back in the days, it was a paper trade and developed company. Nowadays, Holweg is a modern company manufacturing packaging material. Holweg builds glued or sealed flat and satchel paper bag-making machines, sheeters, and slitter-rewinders. Holweg machines produce the different bags used by bakers, butchers, shops, and the fast-food industry. The company Weber is a sister company that was founded in 1925 by Herman Gustave Weber, a German engineer who emigrated to the USA in 1899. Weber provides SOS Bag machinery and flexographic printing equipment, window die cutters, and handle machinery and laminators or bundlers for the bag-making industry. Holweg Weber has production facilities in Spain, Germany and France, and the USA. The head office is based in Molsheim, France, and the Group also has sales offices in Asia.