Used Euromac machines

Galred has several used Euromac machines for sale. All current Euromac machines we have available you can find in the list below. Are you considering selling your used Euromac machine? Let us know so we can discuss the different sale options.

About Euromac

Euromac is a manufacturer of slitter-rewinders machines for cutting plastic films, laminates, paper, aluminum foil, and other food packaging materials. It is based in Villanova Monferrato in Italy and was founded in 1968. The company has developed into one of the world's leading manufacturers of those machines. Their high standard of quality, continuously working on product innovation and listening to their client's requirements, and adapting those in their production process, all those key characteristics lead to a continually growing demand for Euromac machines.

The products of Euromac are divided into 6 six groups: The Duplex and Duplex turret slitting and rewinding machines, the center surface slitting and rewinding machines, the heavy-duty center drive rewind stations, the primary film slitting and rewinding machines, the doctoring, and reel-to-reel rewinding machines and the special edition rewinding machines.

A wide product range offering the versatility of high-tech machines produced according to the latest safety regulations and sustainability standards. To demonstrate the newest inventions on the Euromac machinery, Euromac participates in several trade fairs worldwide and throughout the year. There they meet their clients and listen carefully to their comments and needs.