Karlville (stand up) pouch bagmaking machine

Reference: B22015
Machine manufacturer Karlville
Model KSG-600PR-S-BZ
Year 2008
Type of bag Centre seal pouch (1 line)
Pet food and side seal pouch (1 line)
Two side seal/fold pouch (1-2 lines)
3 side seal pouch (3 lines)
Bottom gusset stand up pouch (2 lines)
Bottom gusset stand up zipper pouch (2 lines)
Insert bottom gusset with zipper pouch (1 line)
Min-Max bag width 50 - 600 mm
Min-Max bag length 30 - 500 mm
Max. number of lanes 3
Max. mechanical speed 40 m/min
Max. number of cycles (cycles/min) 160 cycles/minute
Type of take-off Conveyor-belt
Number and size of longitudinal sealers 4
Number and size of cross sealers 8
Unwind type Single
Max. unwind width 1300 mm
Unwind shafted/shaftless Shaftless
Number of unwinders (for seperate reels) Yes, one for gusset on round bottom punch
Zipper possibility Yes
Subject to unsold. Although believed to be correct, the machine specifications and lists supplied are based solely upon those provided by the original owners.

This Karlville KSG-600PR-S-BZ is a very versitile plastic bagmaking machine that gives you a lot of options. From SIde seal pouch up to inserted bottom stand up pouch with zipper. The machine has 4 longitudinal sealers and 8 cross sealers giving the possibility to work up to 3 lanes simoultaniously. 

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