Füll ink dispensing system

Reference: O21006
Machine manufacturer Füll
Model FSXS
Year 2016
Specifications Füll ink dispenser

21 valves installed
Dispencing volume: 2 – 20 kg
Ink receiving bays: 1

Storage system:
13 x docking units to hold 200 litre drums for base inks and additives
5 x docking units to hold 200 litre drums for press return inks
1 x docking unit to hold 200 litre drum for Ethoxyprpoanol
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Subject to unsold. Although believed to be correct, the machine specifications and lists supplied are based solely upon those provided by the original owners.

Füll was founded in 1965 in Germany. The FS XS a fully automatic dispensing centre and suitable for hazardous- and non-hazardous environments. As cost-affective option it has been developed for low to medium users of ink who do not want to cut back on quality and traceability. The FS XS are suitable for water-, solvent- and UV-based components. All components are recirculated through the valve in order to avoid sedimentation. With its compact and modular design the FS XS is ideal where space is limited. The dispensing process is controlled via PLC and the dispensing-software CALIPSOPR

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