Used Bimec machines

Galred has several used Bimec machines to offer. In the list below, you can find the currently available machines. Do you have a used Bimec machine you want to sell? Contact us to discuss the possibilities 

About Bimec

Bimec was founded in 1976 close to Milano in Italy. The company Bimec is a world-leading manufacturer of slitter rewinders. They develop, build and sell slitter-rewinders suitable to convert plastic films, paper, laminates, and other materials used in the packaging industry. The full range of machines includes slitter rewinders, rewinders, reversible salvage rewinders, center-folding machines, shafted and shaftless unwinds, unwinder-rewinders, and automatic core cutters. The Bimec machines are produced according to the highest technical standards. They are appreciated by customers for their quality, durability, and innovative techniques. The Bimec machines are being exported worldwide, and Bimec offers a high level of assistance if any problem occurs. They can be constructed according to the customer's specifications.

The vision of Bimec is based on Experience; over 45 years of highly qualified engineers used their knowledge to optimize the production of the Bimec slitter rewinder. Quality is another cornerstone; the machines are produced while guaranteeing the most stringent quality requirements. And the wide range of products in which the newest techniques and innovations are applied. As a supplement, Bimnec also offers the project planning of plants.