The market value of used machinery 

What is the market value of your used machine? What price can you get for your used printing press? What’s your used bag-making machine worth in the current market? Frequently asked questions by potential machine sellers. And with a reason: it is always good to know the market price, liquidation value or going concern valuation of used machines.

Current market prices

Galred knows the market really well, due to our thirty years of experience with selling and buying machines within the flexible packaging machinery business. We advise banks, lease corporations, production companies and auction houses on regular basis. Being an intermediate in this industry has a big advantage over many official valuation companies: we have accurate knowledge of the current market prices.

Find out what your used machine is worth 

Are you curious about the value of your machine? Galred can assess used machines based on specifications (brand, building year, state of the machine, etc.) together with pictures and videos of the running machine  Contact us to discuss the appraisal options.