Consultancy and Advice


Buying or selling a (new) machine can have a major impact on your organization. Making such a big decision can be very stressful. Sometimes, you just want a second opinion or an independent sparring partner. We can take on an advisory role due to our experience in used machinery and thanks to our agencies for large flexo companies in the past. 


Are you considering selling a machine but are not sure where to start? Galred can advise in the broadest sense of the word. Do you want to sell a machine? What will that yield? When is it best to sell your old machine? Do you wait for a new machine first? Do you temporarily have room for two machines? What is going on in the market? Galred can help you answer questions like these and oversee the entire process. Galred can think along with you when investing or disinvesting in machines to help your organization move forward. Thanks to our extensive network, we can act as a consultant when buying a new machine.