Two W&H Novoflex printing presses for sale

Date: 08-06-2022
Two W&H Novoflex printing presses and machinery equipment for sale

Unique opportunity for sale by Galred, two W&H Novoflex printing presses (1050 and 1320) and other machinery equipment from one plant.  The printing capacity of this plant is relocated to another location of the same group, therefore Galred can offer this surplus of machinery all in one package deal or separately. The printing presses can be seen in production in one plant in the Northern part of Europe. Besides the printing presses a Kardex storage system, a GS Trading sleeve cleaner, an GSE ink dispensing system, an Ofru distillation unit, a Flexowash anilox cleaner, and a Rotamill Oxidator are offered.

After the possible purchase of the assests Galred can assist you with the dismantling and transport.