Online auction: Closure at Derschlag Foliendruck

Date: 18-10-2022
Online auction Closure at Derschlag Foliendruck

Because of the closure of Derschlag Foliendruck GmbH & Co .KG several machines and equipment are for sale in an online auction organized by Galred in cooperation with Troostwijk Auctions. For example a Schiavi ( Bobst ) Roto Cadet Pulsar rotogravure press from 1997 ( in 2017 new Siemens S7) with 9 colours, a Renzmann distillation unit and washing machine, a Relox Regenus 2020  RTO unit and a htt WTO thermic oil heater from 2016.
The viewing day of the auction is Tuesday October 25th 10.00-16.00 in Germany, approximately 1 hour away from the K show venue. The closing day of the auction is November 30th 2022.
Please contact us for more information.