Lifting and transport work for sold Galred machine

Date: 07-03-2023
Lifting and transport work for sold Galred machine

At the end of last year, Galred specialist in the field of used flexo and converting machines, approached the company Albert van de Scheur because Galred was looking for a lifting and transport specialist who could lift an afterburner from a roof and move a flexo printing machine outside at a company in Apeldoorn. Then both machines had to be transported to the buyer in Germany.
Lifting the afterburner from the roof was a precise job, the road section where the crane was located next to the building was very narrow and the afterburner had a large size. Albert van de Scheur's team proceeded carefully and professionally during this lifting work as well at the moment the flexo printing machine was brought out. Both machines were loaded onto the truck without damage to the building and put on machinetransport to Germany, where they were unloaded and placed on the correct spot in factory. 
For Galred, this was the first time we worked with Albert van de Scheur. Communication between the two parties went well, questions were answered accurately and last-minute changes were handled flexibly.
Both the company in Apeldoorn and the buyer in Germany were satisfied with the way of working.
This is important for Galred, because Albert van de Scheur was taking care of the lifting and transport work on behalf of all parties..