Online auction succesfully closed

Date: 06-12-2022
Auction succesfully closed

Last week we successfully closed an auction in cooperation with Troostwijk.

Because of the closure of Derschlag Folien in Germany an auction was organized by Galred  with 33 lots, from a Schiavi Roto Cadet Rotogravure press, a RTO unit to cylinders, air compressors etc. To begin with people from Galred visited the company and inventoried the items to be sold and put them on the online platform of Troostwijck with photo s and specifications.

The auction was online for almost two months and the interested companies placing a bid were from all over the world with many contact via the data base of Galred. It was also possible for interested parties to pay a visit beforehand to Derschlag in order to inspect the machinery and machine equipment.  The companies who bought a machine or machine equipment can also ask Galred for assistance by organizing the dismantling and transport.