Ofru ASC-150 distillation unit

Machine Ofru ASC-150 distillation unit
Reference number O21004
Machine manufacturer Ofru
Model ASC-150
Type of machine Distillation unit
Year 2013
Manuals available Yes
Other information Filling volume: 100 litre
Boiler capacity: 160 litre
Distillation output: 40 - 80 litre/hr
Dirty solvent tank capacity: 1000 litre
Distillate tank capacity: 1000 litre
Heating temperature: 170 °C
Available from Now
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As of 2021 the ASC-150 is OFRU’s most successful solvent recovery unit from the ASC professional series. The solvent recovery unit has a modern integrated steam heating system.

A special feature in the solvent recovery unit ASC-150 is the conical stainless steel distillation vessel, in which the shell surface is heated with steam . The heating steam in the double jacket transfers the heat extremely quickly to the solvent. At the same time, high distillation performance is achieved with a small boiler volume.

The solvent recovery unit has a clever design. Only one electrical connection is required for the integrated steam heating. A high performance liquid ring vacuum pump conveys the dirt into the solvent recovery unit and guarantees continuous 24 hour operation. During automatic distillation in the solvent recovery unit, the evaporated amount of solvent is automatically replenished by the addition of dirt. This automatic mode can be set by timer.


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