Nilpeter narrow web printing press

Machine Nilpeter narrow web printing press
Reference number N18001
Machine manufacturer Nilpeter
Model 2400
Type of inks UV
Year 1999
Number of colors 7
Max. web width 240 mm
Max. printing width 220 mm
Min. – Max. printing repeat 152,4 - 381 mm
Max. mechanical speed 175 m/min
Unwind type Single
Max. unwind reel diameter 800 mm
Rewind type Single
Max. rewind reel diameter 700 mm
Drying type UV
Edge guide(s) Yes
Corona treater Yes
Including Rotary die cutter
Scrap rewind
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Narrow web printing presses
Flexo printing dates from 1890 and from the start it was widely used in food packaging. About fifty years later new rules for food packaging were introduced. The flexo printing industry suffered from those new regulations because the demand decreased. In 1951 a new name for the process was introduced: flexography of flexographic printing. From those days the industry kept growing.

Narrow web printing is mainly used in label printing.

  • UV
  • Narrow
  • Nilpeter
  • N18001