Lemo bottomseal bagmaking machine

Machine Lemo bottomseal bagmaking machine
Reference number B20015
Machine manufacturer Lemo
Model IS 1350.6.BSZ.1850
Type of bag Bottom seal
Bottom or side seal Bottom seal
Year 2000
Max. seal width 1300 mm
Min. – Max. bag width Max 1300 mm
Min. – Max bag length 200 - 1200 mm
Max. number of lanes 6 (5 slit and seal knives)
Also possibility to work with two seperate
mother reels because of two unwinders
Max. mechanical speed 120 m/min
Max. unwind width 1700 mm and 1500 mm
Max. unwind reel diameter 1000 mm (x2)
Type of take off / rewind Flat
Photocell Yes
Manuals available Yes
Other information Including 3 perforaiton bars with each
6 punching units
Including Blocking system for finished bags
Available from Now
Machine can be seen in production? Yes
Subject to unsold. Although believed to be correct, the machine specifications and lists supplied are based solely upon those provided by the original owners.
  • Lemo
  • Bottom seal
  • 1350 mm
  • IS1350

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