Heaford Cobra plate mounter

Machine Heaford Cobra plate mounter
Reference number P21001
Machine manufacturer Heaford
Model TT Cobra 850D
Type Mounter proofer
Type of equipment Plate mounter
Year 2000
Cylinders and/or sleeves Sleeve
Camera or mirror system Camera
Number of cameras 2
Number of monitors 1
Manuals available Yes
Available from Now
Machine can be seen in production? Yes
Subject to unsold. Although believed to be correct, the machine specifications and lists supplied are based solely upon those provided by the original owners.

This Cobra Heaford plate mounter with a width of 850mm is perfect for the small web CI printing presses. This particular unit was always used with a W&H Soloflex machine so perfect for a company who owns or is about to buy such a machine .

  • Heaford
  • MOunter
  • Cobra

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