Dec Impianti solvent recovery unit

Machine Dec Impianti solvent recovery unit
Reference number O16011
Machine manufacturer Dec Impianti
Type of machine Solvent recovery unit
Year 2002
Other information - Entering solvent flows: 80% Ethyl Acetate (ETAC)
19% Ethanol (ETOH) + 1% others
- Volume: 150.000 Nm3/H
- Solvents recovered: Anhydrous mixture of ETAC & ETOH reused in the process
1% high boiling solvents waste
- Efficiency of installation: 97% of VOC revored
VOC emissions < 7,5 mgC/Nm3

- Possibility of capacity increase: Yes, add of 1 AC bed --> 180.000 Nm3/h
- Possibility of recovery of other type of solvents: Yes
- Specific consumptions: Electrical energy (1,1 Kwh/kg),
Thermal energy (2,7 Kwh/kg),
Nitrogen (0,25 Nm3/kg),
Water (10 l/kg)

- Main installation & recommended powers: Electricity supply, installed power: 1.250 kW
Hot oil boiler: 3.200 Mcal/h
Nitrogen: Stare tanks or production on the side
Cooling tower: max. instantaneous flow: 15 m3/h

Max. mecanical speed: 360 m/min (from repeat 440 and higher a speed of 550 m/min is possible)
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