Bobst extrusion laminating line

Machine Bobst extrusion laminating line
Reference number E17011
Machine manufacturer Bobst
Model Rotoextruder 700
Duplex or triplex Triplex
Type of extruder Cast
Year 2015
Number of layers 2
Max. web width 1750 mm
Max. mechanical speed 800 m/min
Unwind type (1) Turret
Unwind type (2) Turret
Rewind type Turret
Corona treater Yes
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Cast Film Lines
In the process of cast extrusion polymer travels through a flat die system. For mono-layer extrusion only the die is required. For co-extrusion besides the die you need also aa feedblock.

The extruders melt and mix the material, they filter it and i t will be be fed to the die system. The molten curtain enters the cooling unit directly after leaving the die. A roll cooled by water will freeze the film.
The edges will be trimmed and when required corono treatment is applied. The last stage of the process is winding the film onto rolls.

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