Rotomec rotogravure printing press

Machine Rotomec rotogravure printing press
Reference number G18002
Machine manufacturer Rotomec
Model MW80
Type of inks Solventbased
Year 2013
Number of colors 9
Max. web width 850 mm
Max. printing width 825 mm
Min. – Max. printing repeat 330 - 800 mm
Max. mechanical speed 350 m/min
Material & Min – Max thickness BOPP 15 – 60 mu
PET 10 – 60 mu
BOPA 15 – 60 mu
Alu 20 – 40 mu
LDPE 35 – 100 mu
Paper 30 – 100 g/m2
Unwind type Automatic turret
Max. unwind reel diameter 1020 mm
Rewind type Automatic turret
Max. rewind reel diameter 1020 mm
Number & sizes airshafts for winder 4 x 76 mm
4 x 152 mm
Drying type Thermic oil
Heating source included No
Edge guide(s) Yes, FIFE
Video camera Yes, Eltromat Twin Check with 100% inspection
Corona treater Yes, M.E.R.O.
Auto-clean Yes
Viscosity control Yes, New Celio
Inline slitting No
Number of cylinders 183
Other information Bobst registron 5100 with electronic shaft registration system
Special characteristics - Turner bar before 9th station
- Double drying on the 9th station
Available from Now
Machine can be seen in production? Yes
Subject to unsold. Although believed to be correct, the machine specifications and lists supplied are based solely upon those provided by the original owners.

Rotomec is part of the Bobst Group since 2006. Bobst produces rotogravure printing presses under the name of Rotomec.

Rotogravure printing presses
Gravure printing is mainly used for long run printing with high quality images. Rotogravure printing is a type of intaglio printing. This means that the image will be engraved on a cylinder, the ink will surface the cells in order to transfer it to the paper or foil.

In 1790 the first patent for a rotary press was filed. Later, in 1843, the rotary drum printer was invented. Most rotogravure presses have multiple print units.

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