Sick extractive gas analyzer

Referentie: O22001
Fabrikant Sick
Model GMS810
Jaar 2014
Type unit Extractive gas analyzer
Specificaties Measuring principle: Flame ionization detector
Measuring component: Total hydrocarbon
Smallest measuring range 0 .. 15 mg org C/m3
Largest measuring range 0 .. 1000000 mg org C/m3
Warm up time: <1 h (at room temperature)
Onder voorbehoud van verkoop. Hoewel wij ervan uitgaan dat de verstrekte machinegegevens en lijsten correct zijn, zijn de gegevens uitsluitend gebaseerd op de door de oorspronkelijke eigenaren verstrekte informatie.

GMS810 FIDOR with integrated controller is based on the proven flame ionization detection and measures the total hydrocarbon concentration in gases, both in trace and high percentages. Ideal for emission measurements in accordance with legal regulations and guidelines. The FID works independently, automatic flame ignition and working pressure regulation, extensive menus with status/faults and settings. Operational status is indicated by status lights on the display. Sample gas is drawn in with a maintenance-free ejector pump.

he unit is in very good condition, no physical damage. After turning on the FID, it takes approximately 45 minutes to reach operating temperature, after which the flame ignites automatically and the measurement display is displayed


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