W&H Heliostar rotogravure printing press

Machine W&H Heliostar rotogravure printing press
Reference number G20003
Machine manufacturer W&H
Model Heliostar
Type of inks Solventbased
Year 2005
Number of colors 10 (unit 9 not working)
Max. web width 1720 mm
Max. printing width 1700 mm
Min. – Max. printing repeat 450 - 900 mm
Max. mechanical speed 450 m/min
Unwind type Automatic turret
Max. unwind reel diameter 1000 mm
Rewind type Automatic turret
Max. rewind reel diameter 1000 mm
Drying type Gas
Units 9 and 10 have double
extended dryers
Unit 1 and 8 have double dryers
Video camera NOT INCLUDED
Corona treater Yes, two treater
Inline slitting Razor and crush cut in line slitting
on lamination unit
Number of cylinders Approx 1900
Including Turner bar between units 7 and 8
In-line lamination possibility (including sondary
Register setup system
Available from Now
Subject to unsold. Although believed to be correct, the machine specifications and lists supplied are based solely upon those provided by the original owners.
  • W&H
  • rotogravure
  • Heliostar
  • G20003

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