Totani pouch bagmaking machine

Machine Totani pouch bagmaking machine
Reference number B16044
Machine manufacturer Totani
Model BH-600 BL
Type of bag Pouch
Bottom or side seal Combination
Year 1986
Max. seal width 600 mm
Min. – Max. bag width 600 mm
Min. – Max bag length 600 mm
Max. number of lanes 1
Other information Three sided pouch
Designed to make gas and liquid proof pouch
suitable for the vacuum and retort packaging
Including Control unit
Rubber Infeed Section
Image Eye Sensor
Slitter Section
Cross Sealing Plate
Cross heat Sealer
Center Rubber Roller
Temp Control Station
Longitudinal Heaters
Dual Dancer Roller
Sider Roller
EPC eye Sensing Roller
Dancer Roller for Unwind
Unwind station
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Totani – Bag making machines
Paper bags and plastic bags became almost indispensable in daily life. Bags are used on daily basis: for example when you bring groceries home or take out the trash.

Before the invention of bag making machines people used a cornucopia. This was a kind of twisted paper that was wrapped around groceries. Some shopkeepers made those conucopias up front: these were the first paper bags.

In 1852 the first machine that could produce paper bags in mass production was invented. This were envelope style bags. In 1871 the first flat-bottemed paper bags machine was designed. A decade later the sqaure bottom paper bag machine made its entrance in the bagmaking industry.
From the beginning of the 20th century paperbags with handles became the norm, especially in department stores. The bags were printed with the name and the logos of the brand.

Kraft paper is the most used material for standard brown paperbags. From the 1970’s plastic bags were introduced and they became very popular due to their lower cost.

There are a lot of different kinds of bags, therefor a wide range of bag making machines exists aswell. Most common bag making machines types are: bottom seal bag making machines, t-shirt bag making machines, side seal bag making machines, glue patch bag making machines, loop handle bag making machines, wicketers, bags on the roll bag making machines, pouch bag making machines, paper bag making machines, courier- or securiety bag making machines, diaper- and hygiene bag making machines, flower sleeve making machines, draw tape bag making machines.

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  • Bagmaking
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  • Totani
  • B16044

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