Titan SR6 slitter rewinder

Machine Titan SR6 slitter rewinder
Reference number S18020
Machine manufacturer Titan
Model SR6
Year 1995
Max. web width 1600 mm
Max. mechanical speed 450 m/min
Material & Min – Max thickness 12 - 200 micron
Unwind type Single, shaftless
Max. unwind reel diameter 1000 mm
Razor or rotary shear slitting Razor
Min. slitting width 50 mm
Rewind type Slitter* Double shaft
Number of rewinding shafts/stations 600 mm
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Slitter – rewinders
Slitter rewinders cut big rolls into smaller ones. Rewind slitting means the web is unwound. While running through the machine it passed through knives or lasers. Narrower rolls are formed by rewinding the film or paper on one or more shafts.

Slitter, slitter rewinder and slitting machine are interchangeable names for machines that are slitting rewindly.  For the slitting section there are three options: razor slitting, rotary shear slitting and crush cut slitting.  Roll slitting is used mainly by converters.

Titan / Atlas
The first slitter was produced in 1964 by Titan in Bow, close to London. Since 1981 Titan and Atlas are working together. During the past years, thousands of slitters were produced by Titan/Atlas. They  have service centra in the UK, The United States, India and China.

Atlas / Titan
Atlas has been producing slitters for plastic film, paper and labelstock since 1976. Since 1981 the company is working together with Titan coverting. There are over a 1000 slitters on the market from this brand.

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