Reifenhauser 3 layer extrusion line

Machine Reifenhauser 3 layer extrusion line
Reference number E17005
Machine manufacturer Reifenhauser
Model Traggeruest 1400/8800
Type of extruder Blown
Year 1983
2006: New motors and PLC
2008: Screws of two extruders replaced
Number of layers 3
Diameter die 200 mm
Lip opening 2,5 mm
Diameter screw(s) 50-50-50
L/D ratio screw(s) 25
Material & Min – Max thickness LDPE, LLDPE, 20 - 152 mu
Max. film width 1110 mm
Max. output 134 kg/hour
Rewind manufacturer Reifenhauser
Rewind type Back-to-back
Max. rewind reel diameter 620 mm
Number & sizes airshafts for winder 2 shafts, 6 inches diameter
Type of screen changer Manual
Rotating, which part Die
Dosing unit Yes
Thickness measurement No
Edge guide(s) Yes, FIFE
Corona treater Yes, Pillar 55 kwat
Inline slitting Yes
Inline perforation No
Tower construction included Yes
Manuals available Yes
Other information 1983
2006: New motors for extruders New PLC control system (Siemens)/New AC Drives / New AC Motors
2008: Screws of two extruders replaced
Including -150 mm Die for thermoformed
-250 mm Die
-150 mm Air Ring
-“Eisbar” Heat Exchanger for Air Ring Cooling.
Spare parts -Sealings for Die
- Bearings for rotatory Die
- Couple control electronic cards.
Machine can be seen in production? Yes
Subject to unsold. Although believed to be correct, the machine specifications and lists supplied are based solely upon those provided by the original owners.

Blown Film Extrusion
Blown film extrusion is the most common technology to produce plastic film. Blown film extrusion is typically carried out upwards vertically.
Film is made out of polymer material. These polymeres are generally in the form of granulate. This material is melted and then forced or extruded through a die. Air is blwon thourgh a hole in the center of the die. This pressure causes a bubble. This bubble is a thin layer of film. The film is pulled upwards from the die to cool down and winded on the a roll.
Blown film extrusion exists in various layers, the more layers the thicker the film.  The process with more layers is called coextrusion

Blownfilm lines, cast film lines, sheet extrusion and extrusion coating lines are all part of Reifenhäuser products. In 1911 Reifenhauser was founded as a forge. In the 1940’s the first extruder was introduced. In the years after Reifenhauser kept on innovating and inventing new solutions for the extrusion industry. In 2006 Reifenhäuser Extrusion  was founded. Today this Geman company has its own private technocology center for research and development.

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