Hudson Sharp bag on the roll machine

Machine Hudson Sharp bag on the roll machine
Reference number B19018
Machine manufacturer H&S / FMC
Model M 1300 DT
Type of bag On the roll
Bottom or side seal Bottom seal
Year 1995
Max. seal width 1200 mm
Min. – Max. bag width 450 - 1200 mm
Min. – Max bag length 450 - 1720 mm
Max. number of lanes 1
Max. number of cycles 210 cycles/minute
Max. unwind width 1200 mm
Max. unwind reel diameter 1100 mm
Type of take off / rewind On the roll
Other information Min.- Max rol length: 170 – 350 mm
Min.- Max roll diameter: 40 – 160 mm
Min.- Max quantity in roll: 5 - 200
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