Battenfeld Gloucester cast extrusion line

Machine Battenfeld Gloucester cast extrusion line
Reference number E20003
Machine manufacturer Battenfeld
Type of extruder Cast
Year 2000
Number of layers 5
Diameter die 2700 mm die width
Manufacturer Cloeren
7 zones
Diameter screw(s) 150 - 90 - 70
L/D ratio screw(s) 30:1
Material & Min – Max thickness 20 - 350 mu
Max. film width 2260 mm
Max. output 500 kg/hour
Rewind manufacturer Gloucester
Rewind type Type Gloucester phantom axis turret.
Continuously indexing turret winder with three
rewind shafts in 6’’ and 3’’
Electrical drives and control system replaced
in 2018
Max. rewind reel diameter 1000 mm
Type of screen changer Dynisco slide shuttling screen-changer
Dosing unit ‘A’ Extruder fitted with Volmar 6 component
auger feed gravimetric blender.
‘B’ &’C’ Extruders fitted with Volmar 5 component
auger feed gravimetric blenders.
Thickness measurement Thermofisher Beta gauge fitted 2000 with a
Krypton 85 source
Corona treater Yes, Softal double-sided corona treater
installed 2018
Inline slitting Yes
Including Edge trim reclaim
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  • Cast
  • Extrusion
  • Battenfeld
  • Gloucester
  • E20003

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